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Hardwired CCTV

Hardwired CCTV has become the most used security measure on construction sites throughout the UK over the last 10 years due to its adaptability and cost.

K2S Security Management are able to provide a vast range of manufactures and technologies to ensure our clients are able to get the best possible solution.

To find out more about our range and specifications of hardwired CCTV systems click below.

Wireless CCTV

Our wireless CCTV solutions are the perfect when power is not available to due to location or site limitations.

Each wireless system is tailored to the sites requirements, with lightweight battery powered cameras enable them to be positioned in optimum locations.

K2S Security Management can offer an extensive range of wireless CCTV solutions to protect your site.

To find out more about our range and specifications of wireless CCTV systems click below.

Technician installing wireless CCTV secu
Lamp post with lots of CCTV cameras. Sur

Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers

Rapid deployment CCTV towers are designed to provide a mobile security solution to construction sites that can be deployed within minutes.

The 7m tall, tower provides a highly-visible deterrent, helping prevent attempted break-ins before they happen.

To find out more information about our CCTV towers click below.

Time-Lapse & Drone Camera's

Time-lapse or drone videos are a perfect way to showcase your work and highlight the time and effort that your team has put into projects for your client.

With larger scale builds, time-lapse is often used within project management timelines to ensure that the build is progressing on schedule and available for investors and other stakeholders to access.

Our time-lapse cameras can also be linked into our CCTV solutions to reduce the equipment required and the costs as well.

To find out more about our Time-Lapse camera solutions click below.

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